Asking or Telling Way

How To Ask & Tell Way to Others In English?

Sometimes you may find yourself at a place where you need to ask for directions to reach your destination. OR you have to guide others to reach a place they need to.

Here are some useful expressions for asking and giving directions:

1. Asking For Directions

a. Excuse me, can you tell me the shortest route to (Clifton)?
b. How do I get to (Chamanzar Colony)?
c. Can you guide me to the (post office) please?
d. Can you tell me what route shall I adopt to (Anarkali)?

2. Giving Directions

a. Follow this road, turn left on first turn……
b. When you exit M-2, there will be a sign post pointing to Islamabad……..
c. It’s the first turning on the right after Pizza Hut….
d. Take the U-turn/ go straight on/at the round about/at the junction/after passing…/you will see etc.

3. Using Landmarks

It’s easy to explain directions to others with landmarks or important buildings which come in their way. This is considered to be the easiest way to give directions.

a. You will find a mosque on your right….
b. Just after the shopping mall….
c. When you cross the park on your left…….

Sample Dialogue 1

A: Excuse me, how do I get to super market?
B: Follow this road, you’ll find a multi story plaza on your left, when you cross it you’ll find super market.

Sample Dialogue 2

A: Am I using the right way to Dalmia?
B: No, take the U-turn, then follow the road, there will be a sign board pointing to Dalmia.


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