How To Complain In English?

Sometimes when the things are not according to your desires or expectations, you have to give out your mind, that is, you have to complain. This is very important because if you don’t complain, people will take you for granted. They will not understand what you really want. Remember to be as polite as you can while complaining.

Following phrases may help you to express yourself properly:

a. I’m sorry to say but………
b. I’m feeling/having problem here…….
c. I want to bring this in your notice……..
d. I’m afraid; I’ve got a complaint to make…….
e. I’m sorry; I’m not satisfied with…….
f. Will you bother to listen to my problem……?
g. I’m going to complain about……
h. Sorry to bother you but…….
i. I’m annoyed, things are not working……..
j. Excuse me, I’m having a problem……

Of course when you complain, you are angry so does it sounds strange to use the words “excuse me” or “sorry” with your complaints? Maybe it is, but you want that things should be put right for you. So using “excuse me”, “please” and “sorry” with your sentences will make you sound polite and get the work done for you.

a. I’m going to complain that you are asking for bribe for a legal work.
b. I’m sorry; I’m not satisfied with the standard of service of your hotel.
c. I want to bring it to your notice that Asad is not punctual.


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