How To Disagree With Others In English?

Atime may come when you don’t like other’s point of view and need to disagree with them. This again depends on how strongly you disagree. Remember whenever you disagree with someone do it politely and in a decent way.

Below are some of the common phrases which can be used to convey your disagreement.

1. Simple Disagreeing
a. I’m sorry I can’t agree with you…
b. I’m afraid I don’t agree…..
c. I’m afraid I disagree with what you said…
d. I’m sorry I don’t share your opinion…..
e. I think you’re wrong on this….
f. Where is your logic…

Note: The phrases “I’m sorry” and “I’m afraid” are used to show some politeness while disagreeing

2. Strongly Disagreeing
a. I don’t agree with you at all…..
b. I disagree with you…..
c. I totally disagree with you…
d. I can’t take it at all…..
e. I couldn’t agree with you….

Sample Dialogue 1
A: I think we should travel by bus.
B: I’m sorry I don’t share your opinion, why don’t you use your own car?
 A: I’m afraid I don’t agree, because my parents will not allow me at all.
Sample Dialogue 2

A: Shall we nominate Ruby for this project?
B: I don’t agree with you at all, because she is not capable of doing it alone.
A: I disagree with you on this as you are under estimating her abilities.


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