Ending A Conversation

How To End a Conversation In English?

You can’t continue a conversation the whole day and it has to come to an end at some time. This can be because you are getting bored; you have to go somewhere or need to do some work. Of course you can’t suddenly get quite during a conversation and leave the room. You have to say something before ending a conversation.

Following phrases may help you in this regard:

a. I enjoyed talking to you but……..(I have to go now).
b. Please pardon me..….(I’ve to go somewhere).
c. I hope you don’t mind but…..(I’ve to pick my kids from school).
d. I’m sorry, but…(I’ve to attend a meeting at 5).
e. Please don’t mind because....(I’m expecting a client now).
f. Discussion with you was very interesting indeed but.....(I’ve to go now).
g. Can we talk at some other time…(I need to sleep now).
h. It seems to be rude but…(I’m not feeling well).
i. You are very interesting person but…(my family is waiting for me).
j. Thank you for your time but…(I’m getting late).


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