Expressing Happiness

How To Express Happiness In English?

Atime comes in your life (May it come again and again) when you are very happy. This can be due to your promotion, good exam result, you got a child, and you won a match or anything which pleases you. When you are bursting with happiness you surely need to share it with others.

Do it by using following phrases:

a. What a fantastic news....(I’m very happy).
b. I’m absolutely delighted to….(hear about your promotion).
c. I’ve been waiting for this moment for long.
d. I’m so happy that (I can’t express it in words).
e. Hey! I’m over the moon……
f. I feel I’m floating on the clouds….
g. This is a marvelous/fantastic news (for my family).
h. I’m thrilled to bits to (see my grandson).
i. What a great news! I’m flying on the sky…..

Note: While expressing happiness do put some stress on adverbs and adjectives for emphasis.

I’m really pleased.
What a great news it is.


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