Expressing Shocks

How To Express Shocks In English?

God forbids a time may come in your life when you have to face some unexpected situations. This can make you sad, disappointed or surprise you suddenly.

You may like to use following phrases to express your disbelief, surprise or sadness:

1. Expressing Shock/Surprise

a. I’m deeply shocked to (hear this).
b. I was stunned to see (him in this condition).
c. We’re all in a deep shock to (listen this).
d. I was shocked to hear……
e. The news (of his death) came as a big shock for his family.
f. I was completely taken aback to (hear about his accident).
g. It happened out of the blue…….
h. I just can’t get over……..

2. Expressing Disbelief

a. Its totally unbelievable….
b. I just can’t imagine that (it happened with you).
c. Nobody can ever think that (she will do like this).
d. I just can never believe it……
e. I just can’t believe it……
f. I’ve no words to describe it…..
g. There’s no way it could have happened…..

3. Expressing Bad Situation

a. It’s a tragic event…(I’m so sad).
b. It's so awful…(they need years to cope up).
c. It's extremely terrible…(what she’ll do now).
d. What a terrible news it is….
e. This is the worst thing that could have happened with them…..


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