Expressing Sympathy

How To Express Sympathy In English?

In daily English conversation you need to express sympathies to your friends and relatives. This situation may arise when some one is in trouble, is sad or worried due to any unwanted incident.

Remember sharing others problems and expressing sympathies may lessen their pain. Of course you don’t laugh or smile while expressing sympathies. Keep your tone low, sad and encouraging.

You may like to use following phrases while expressing sympathies:

a. I feel so sorry about….
b. I understand your feelings but (you have to be brave).
c. I’m fully with you (at this time of sorrow).
d. I’m awfully sorry to (listen this).
e. Its really upsetting news but (don’t think you are alone).
f. Please accept my deep condolence on the sad demise of ….
g. I know how you feel (but you need to be brave).
h. I feel terribly sorry for you (you’ll find me by your side).


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