Expressing Thanks

How To Express Thanks In English?

People help and take care of each other. When you needed help and someone helped you then it is considered as courteous and polite to thank the person. This shows that you really care for his actions.

Use the following expressions to convey your feelings of thankfulness:

1. Thanking Someone

a. Thank you very much (indeed).
b. I’m (really) grateful to you for……
c. Thanks a lot.
d. Thank you, I’m really obliged….
e. Its very kind of you…..
f. Oh! I really appreciate your help…..
g. Thank you, you’ve been very helpful….
h. Oh! So kind of you…

2. Responding To Thanks

a. You’re most welcome…..
b. Oh, that’s alright…..
c. It's my pleasure…..
d. Mention not (or) please don’t mention….
e. Not at all, I’m pleased to help you….
f. No problem (at all).
g. Any time…..

Sample Dialogue 1

A: Ahmed, I’m really grateful to you for helping me in this project.
B: Not at all, I’m pleased to help you….
A: Anyway thanks for your time.
B: It’s my pleasure.

Sample Dialogue 2

A: I really appreciate your help, I really needed it.
B: No problem at all, I am always there for you.
A: Oh so kind of you, thank you again.
B: Oh don’t mention please.


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