Final Word

Final Word About Spoken English Course

Till now you must have learned some good phrases for your daily conversation. Remember always be confident to use them where ever required.

Of course you can make changes to them suiting your conversation and requirements. A great number of people have improved their spoken skills with these phrases.

I am sure if you follow this course sincerely you will soon be speaking good English. Keep one thing in mind that learning to speak good English is an ongoing process. It can never be learned in a very short span of time. You need to include English in your daily life style. It means that you should always try to speak small phrases in your daily conversation in addition to your mother tongue.

Don't be shy of making mistakes. If others laugh at them don't mind it. The best way is to laugh with them and then politely ask them the correct way. This way you will be able to learn from others also.
Keep practicing these conversational phrases and soon you will be on you way to speaking good English. Good Luck

If you find any mistake any where in the course please do point it out and contact us so that we can correct it for the benefit of others.


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