Giving Advice

How To Advise Others In English?

People around you may seek your advice on certain matters. You have to assist them by putting them on the right track by sharing your experience and telling them what can be good for them.

A person normally asks for advice when he couldn’t decide himself on any issue. So be sincere and polite when advising someone.

Following expressions may help you:

a. You should perhaps (go back immediately).
b. If I was at your place, I would…….
c. It will be better (suitable) for you to……
d. You really ought to….
e. To me the best solution for you is…..
f. Why don’t you….(consider talking to her).
g. In your position, I would…….

Sample Sentences

a. If I were you, I would take up English conversation course today.
b. To me the best solution is to talk out the things.
c. In your position I would have done it immediately.


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