Giving & Receiving Gifts

Talking About Gifts In English?

Giving presents and gifts to friends and relatives is a gesture of love and affection. This makes the relations between two persons stronger. Of course you don’t give gifts to others silently. It has to be accompanied with some phrases which express your good thoughts for others.

Make use of following expressions to spice up your conversation:

1. Giving A Gift

a. With all my loves (for you).
b. This is for sweet you…..
c. Many happy returns of the day…..(for mostly birthdays & anniversaries)
d. Its small but I hope you’ll like it…
e. Its filled with my love and affection…..
f. I thought you might like it…..
g. With all my heart and soul…..
h. I bought it with you in mind…..

2. Receiving A Gift

a. Thank you so much…....
b. Its lovely, so sweet of you….
c. Oh! I always wanted this….
d. What a thoughtful gift indeed…..
e. What a wonderful gift……
f. Thanks, it’s fantastic…..

Sample Dialogue 1

A: This is for sweet you.
B: Thank you, what a thought full gift it is….

Sample Dialogue 2

A: With all my heart and soul… for you.
B: Wow! It’s lovely, so sweet of you.


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