Giving Orders & Instructions

How To Give Order & Instructions In English?

You may be in a position where you have to give orders and instructions to your subordinates and juniors. It will be better if you ask someone to do something without sounding rude.

Here are some expressions to use while giving orders and instructions:

1. Use Of Modal Verbs (Can, Will etc)

a. Can you do this immediately?
b. Will you shut the door?
c. Could you get me that file?
d. Will you remain quite?

2. Using Imperative Form

a. Everybody listen to me.
b. Listen to what I’m saying.
c. Get ready in five minutes.
d. Be quite now.

3. Using Sequencing Words

a. The first step is to switch of the electric power.
b. Secondly remove the cover by pressing the red button.
c. Thirdly pull out these two blue cables.

4. Using Introductory Phrases

A small phrase is added to the order to make it sound much softer:

a. I want you to …finish this by 5 o’clock today.
b. I’d like you to …do this immediately.
c. Do you think you could……..
d. Would you mind possibly……
e. I was hoping you could…..spare a few minutes for this file.


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