How To Introduce In English?

We come across new people in our daily life who wants to know about us. Similarly we have to introduce ourselves, family, friends and relatives to each other. Introductions do create good or bad impression. So you need to be careful while introducing yourself and others.

Following expressions may prove to be helpful to you in such situations:

1. Introducing Yourself

a. Aslam-o Alaikum, my name is (Ejaz).
b. Hello! I’m ….(Asad)
Reply: Hi, I’m Majid.
    Or: Hello Asad, I’m Majid.
     Or: Nice to meet you, I’m Majid.
c. I’m Ejaz and you……..
d. Let me introduce myself, I’m Noman from Apex Digitalz OR
I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Noman….


1. Pleased to meet you Noman, I’m Aamir from Askari.
2. How do you do? I’m Aamir from Askari.
3. Nice to meet you.
4. Good to meet you OR Nice meeting you.

2. Introducing Others

a. Please meet Mr. Asad…….
b. May I introduce my (brother, sister etc).
c. (Asad) Have you met my colleague Gul Sher?
Reply: Pleased to meet you Gul Sher
d. Have you met my…………
e. Let me introduce you to my…….
f. Asad, this is Gul Sher………..

Cultural Norms
When introducing junior to senior or elder to younger person, it is considered as appropriate to introduce younger or junior first. For example:

a. Uncle, meet my friend Asad….., Asad, he’s my loving uncle…..
b. Sir, this is Shahid my cousin, Shahid, this is my marketing manager Mr. Riaz.


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