How To Predict In English?

In your daily conversation you will come across certain situations when you have to make predictions about certain events, matters or happenings. Predicting about something may be based on certain information or it may be on rough estimations.

Following phrases may be used for predicting something:

1. Predictions Based On Estimation

a. (I think) it will happen…….
b. …… going to be…….
c. ….won’t be………
d. …….isn’t going to…….
e. … will not happen…….

Note: When we want to say what we think that something will happen in the future, we can either use ‘will’ followed by the verb without ‘to’
Or ‘going to’ followed by the verb.

Example Sentences
a. I think next week is going to be very busy.
b. There won’t be any load shedding next month.
c. He isn’t going to get through the exams.

2. Predictions Based On Some Knowledge

We often predict the things based on our knowledge and information. For such predictions we are often quite sure. See the following sentences:

a. You’ll get cold if you go out in rain.
b. There are no clouds, its going to be a lovely day.
c. Sweets will spoil your teeth.
d. If you waste your time you’ll fail.
e. You’re going to hit the car in front.


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