Action Synonyms

Below are some of the commonly used synonyms for action:

steps, measures, activity, movement, work, working, effort, exertion, operation, effect, influence, power, working, work; result, consequence
excitement, activity, bustle; happenings, occurrences, proceedings, events, incidents, episodes, eventualities, chain of events;

deed, act, activity, move, gesture, undertaking, exploit, manoeuvre, achievement, accomplishment, venture, enterprise, endeavour, effort, exertion; work, handiwork, doing, creation, performance, behaviour, conduct; reaction, response

fighting, hostilities, battle, conflict, armed conflict, combat, warfare, war, bloodshed; engagement, clash, encounter, confrontation, skirmish,

lawsuit, legal action, suit, suit at law, case, cause, prosecution, litigation, legal dispute, legal contest; proceedings, legal proceedings, judicial proceedings.

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