Allow Synonyms

Below are some of the commonly used synonyms for allow:

permit, let, authorize, give someone permission to, give authorization to, give leave to, sanction, grant, grant someone the right, license, empower, enable, entitle, qualify; consent to, assent to, give one's consent/assent to, give one's blessing to,

agree to, accede to, approve of, tolerate, countenance, suffer, brook, admit of; legalize, legitimatize, legitimate; give the thumbs up to, OK, give the OK to, give the green light to, say the word

provide for, plan for, make plans for, get ready for, cater for, take into consideration, take into account, make provision for, make preparations for, prepare for, accommodate, make allowances for

set aside, allocate, allot, earmark, designate, spare, devote, give, afford, apportion, assign, admit, acknowledge, recognize, agree, accept, concede, grant, own, confess, accede

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